Everyday support

How can mobility be supported?


Sufficient movement
Regular physical activity enables the cartilage to absorb the valuable nutrients. Similar to a sponge that is compressed and expands again. This pump mechanism transports fresh nutrients into the cartilage. If the pressure load decreases, the fluid flows back into the joint space and in this way also takes degradation products from the cartilage with it. If there is a lack of physical exercise, degradation products remain in the cartilage and important nutrients are not transported there in sufficient quantities. 

Sports that are easy on the joints: Hiking, swimming, water gymnastics, cycling, Nordic walking, yoga and dancing

Targeted massage
A good massage is balm for joints and muscles. It is used to mobilise the natural movement of joints, improve elasticity and has a relaxing effect on muscles.

Balanced diet and food supplements
For optimal joint function, cartilages and synovial fluid must be adequately supplied with nutrients. These micronutrients must be partially taken in with food, as the body cannot produce them itself. 


Mobilise joints with Crossfit Professional Tyler

Individual exercises specifically tailored to individual joints, help maintain functionality.


◾ Securely and stably fasten the band⠀
◾ Place the band directly onto the ankle⠀
◾ For tension on the band, place your foot on a box or chair ⠀
◾ Bend knee forward and back again to stretch both the front and back of the ankle⠀
◾ Remember to keep the heel down while stretching ⠀
◾ 20-30 repetitions for 3-4 sets to increase blood flow and range of motion ⠀
◾ Try to increase the range of motion with each lap where the knee is pushed forward


Knee joint

Securely and stably fasten the band
◾ Place the band in the hollow of the knee⠀
◾ Shift weight to the leg with the band so that tension is applied to the strap⠀
◾ Push your knee forwards and then extend it straight out again⠀
◾ Keep your heel on the ground to get the best stretching effect⠀
◾ 3-4 rounds with 20-30 repetitions to stimulate blood circulation and mobility⠀
◾ Try to increase the range of motion for each repetition

Hip joint

Securely and stably fasten the band
▪ Place the band around the hips⠀
▪ Apply tension to the band and bend your knees, keeping your back in an upright position⠀
▪ The band will pull the hip forward, thereby stretching the hip joint⠀
▪ Keep feet straight and flat on the floor during stretching for best effect⠀
▪ Hold this position for about 2 minutes


Lower back

Securely and stably fasten the band
▪ Put your leg in the loop of the band and put the band high on your hip⠀
▪ Bend over, touch your tiptoes and completely get up again ⠀
▪ At the top point of getting up, tense the gluteal muscles⠀
▪ 2-3 passes with 20-30 repetitions per leg⠀