The healthy locomotor system

Joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons

The body consists of about 200 bones, which are flexibly connected to each other by about 100 real joints.

A (real) joint is the mobile connection between at least two bones. In interaction with muscles, tendons and ligaments, it enables numerous movements of the human body - whether walking, running, jumping or simply getting up in the morning.

An elastic cartilage layer covers the bone ends. Depending on the joint, it can be up to 1 cm thick and absorbs pressure and shocks. The cartilage layers are not supplied with blood. Instead, they are surrounded by joint fluid that contains all the necessary nutrients. Movement is important because it transports nutrients into the cartilage.

Tendons connect the bone ends with the musculature and transfer the force to the skeletal system.

The ligaments have a stabilising effect .