An active start to spring.

Seasonal tips.

An active start to spring.

Springtime lethargy is a well-known phenomenon. The exact causes are not completely understood. It is evident, however, that the body finds it difficult to cope with the longer days and warmer temperatures. This change in hormone balance takes time to overcome and costs energy. Nevertheless, the longer days and the awakening of nature also have a motivating effect and inspire us to start exercising again.

  1. Start slowly.
    If you have enjoyed a lazy winter, we recommend not starting your fitness regime back up again at full speed. With a little patience, you will soon get back to the same shape you were in at the end of last summer. Make sure that you take enough time to recover after every activity and increase the intensity at a gentle pace. If you use the wrong technique or do too much too soon, this can have a negative impact on tendons, ligaments and joints, which could prevent you from exercising for the rest of the warmer months.

  2. Fresh air and light.
    Exercising in the fresh air will do you some good after spending the long winter months in heated rooms. The ideal time to go for a walk, a jog, a bike ride or a long hike is in the morning and around midday. As the light and the sun promote a general feeling of good health, your mood will improve and you will gain a spring in your step. 

  3. Top up your vitamin D levels.
    Vitamin D is a very important substance and is required in many of the regulating processes that take place in our body. As a result of the drop in UV rays in the winter, the human body produces less vitamin D during this time, which can lead to a deficiency. This “winter damage” can be quickly and efficiently remedied in spring by taking part in various outdoor activities. When the sun shines on your face, hands and lower arms, it not only warms you up, but also helps you to produce vitamin D.

  4. A change in daylight saving time.
    The switch from winter time to summer time is not a big deal; however, it can affect your body like a minor bout of jet lag and you might have troubles falling asleep, sleeping problems and a sense of fatigue during the day. This minor jet lag can be quickly driven away by setting out on a bike ride, going in-line skating for a prolonged period of time or taking a walk under the blossoming cherry trees.