Products for internal use

Products for internal use

PERNATON® +Glucosamine

PERNATON® + Glucosamine is a dietary supplement with original Perna extract (green-lipped mussel extract), glucosamine, vitamins C and E as well as trace elements. An adequate supply of glucosamine may help to maintain joint mobility. Vitamin C contributes to the regular collagen synthesis to assure a normal cartilage function.

Who stands to benefit from PERNATON® + Glucosamine?

PERNATON® + Glucosamine may support joint health in people whose joints are exposed to severe mechanical stress.

Certain activities can result in excess stress:

  • Hard physical labour

  • Overweight

  • Sport (e.g. football, jogging)

Recommended dosage

3 capsules per day. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded.


Glucosaminchloride from molluscs; green-lipped mussel extract(Perna extract, 26 %), gelatine, L-ascorbic acid, anticoagulant: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, stabilizer: silicone dioxide, zinc sulphate, vitamin E,  manganese sulphate, copper sulphate


PERNATON® + Glucosamine is available in packages of 90 capsules.

Ingredients Function in the body
Glycosaminoglycans A component of the healthy cartilage
Glucosamine Natural constituent of the connective tissue, ligaments and articular cartilage
Vitamin C Contributes to the regular collagen synthesis to assure a normal cartilage function
Vitamin E Helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress
Zinc Contributes to the normal protein synthesis
Copper and manganese Contribute to a normal energy metabolism